Making West African SME resources readily available

We have curated a list of resources to support you in scaling your venture. From local institutions that provide hands on support to business skills training resources, Sampa has you covered. 

find Resources to support your venture

Launching and scaling a business is one of the most exciting adventures you will take! The road to entrepreneurship can be a tough one without proper guidance. Fortunately you can benefit from the advice of seasoned entrepreneurs who have shared their expertise. Below is a list of resources on entrepreneurship in general and Africa-focused entrepreneurship. 

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Join incubators/accelerators targeting africa

Ready to take your business to the next level? Consider joining an incubator or accelerator. Be sure to check which is most appropriate based on your start-up’s level of development.

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Improve your business skills

Need to improve your pricing strategy or execute a new sales strategy? Familiarize yourself with best practices and learn new tools to help you advance your business.

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Take advantage of the many online job portals to look for talent. SAMPA has curated a list of portals that includes pan-African online job sites and some that target specific markets.