Launching and scaling a business is one of the most exciting adventures you will take! The road to entrepreneurship can be a tough one without proper guidance. Fortunately you can benefit from the advice of seasoned entrepreneurs who are willing to share their expertise. Below is a list of resources on entrepreneurship in general as well as Africa-focused entrepreneurship.


Business Foundation Skills

Biz4Afrika: General resources on running a business.

MEST: Resources for African Tech Entrepreneurs.

Startup Stash: A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup. 

SPARK: Develops higher education and educational tools to empower young entrepreneurs. 

TukoWorks: TukoWorks is a Kenyan national one stop shop that provides necessary training on how to start an enterprise.

Village Capital: Operates business development programs for early-stage entrepreneurs in agriculture, education, energy, financial inclusion, and health. 

Web 2.0: Resources for useful online tools.



Africa Jumpstart: Provides resources on building a business in Africa. 

Demeter Network: Entrepreneur Support Network with focus on emerging economies. 

Mara Foundation: Eco system to support entrepreneurs with a particular focus on youth and women entrepreneurs in line with the founder's vision to create change for a sustainable future.

MIT Legatum Center: Supports MIT students with ventues in low-income countries.

TipHub: Mentorship driven accelerator and business consultancy that supports seed stage technology and social impact ventures in Africa and the African diaspora.